Working with us

There are a few general rules in the relationship between the client and us.

The client forwards us detailed information about the information about the application that we should develop or about the website we should design. That is needed because a wrong start means almost a failure. During the work at the project, we might discover the lack of some information and we expect client to provide us with the additional information.

We dedicate our resources to fulfill in good conditions the work we have to do for our clients, towards the completion of the project.

During the realization of a project, we can offer several revisions, until the proposed solution will fit the customer’s needs. When the project is finished, the client will evaluate it and we will make necessary changes to the satisfaction of the client.

It is really necessary that we can communicate with our client at least by mail, in order to fix the problems fast and easy.

The aspects regarding the ownership and payment methods can be discussed with us for each